Day Tour on a Budget in Siquijor, Philippines

Many years ago, Siquijor or Isla de Fuego, is one of the least traveled islands in the Philippines because of the reputation of being mystical, that the people practice magic and sorcery. But through the years, tourism has grown because of its natural beauty. 

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The island is small that you can drive around in less than 7 hours. The tourist spots can be visited within a day, perfect for a day tour. But if you wish to really experience everything it can offer, you have the option to stay longer. If you are on a budget, there are many simple accommodations in Siquijor Town, but if you can afford beachfront resorts, there are many all around the island. 

Welcome sign at the Siquijor Sea Port.

There are no direct flights going to the Siquijor. The main gateway is Dumaguete City. Then you can ride the ferry or fast craft in Dumaguete Sea Port. 

In the Siquijor Sea Port, you can choose different options on how to get around, depending on your budget. If you are a group of 2 or 3, you can choose a tricycle that cost between Php 1000- Php 1200. If you are with many friends, multi-cab is a perfect choice since it can accommodate up to 15 persons for Php 1800- Php 2000. If you are a solo traveler and adventurous, you can rent a motorcycle with driver of course for only Php 350 up to Php 500, maximum. If you have money to spend, your group can rent an air conditioned van for Php 2500. 

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Below are the top places to visit during a day tour on a budget in Siquijor, Philippines.

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St. Francis de Assisi Church or Siquijor Church– just after you exit the port, this church stands tall and proud. The oldest among the churches in the island and made of coral stones. You’ll also find here the ‘Welcome to Siquijor’ sign where you can take pictures, a very touristy thing to do. 

siquijor philippines on a budget

St. Isidore Labradore Church or Lazi Church- located in the town of Lazi, it is a Baroque church completed in 1884. Made from coral stones and popular to have intricate designs. Don’t forget to check its ceiling design. 

siquijor philippines on a budget
The facade of Lazi Church.

siquijor philippines on a budget
Inside the Lazi Church.

Lazi Convent– one of the Philippines’ National Historical Landmarks. The ground floor is made of thick stone layer and the second floor is made of hardwood. Believe it or not, it is still being used today as residence of parish priest of Lazi. 

siquijor philippines on a budget
The Lazi Convent.

Century Old Balete Tree– in town of Lazi, this 400+ year- old tree is believed to be enchanted. There’s a dipping pool right next to it being used to enjoy fish foot spa. 

Must visit places in siquijor philippines on a budget
The dipping pool at the Century Old Balete Tree.

Cambuhagay Falls– a three- tiered waterfalls. The fact that is a freshwater, be awed by the turquoise water. Enjoy a dip and try the Tarzan swing rope made of vines! 

top places to see in siquijor on a budget
Cambuhagay Falls and its turquoise water.

Siquijor Cambugahay Falls and Heritage Day Trip

Salagdoong Beach– cliff dive from a 22-feet point atop the rock formations. Privately owned, there’s a restaurant here where fresh catch of the day is served. 

must see places in siquijor
Rock formations in Salagdoong Beach.

Coco Grove Beach Resort– one of the bests beachfront resorts in the island. 

The facade of the Coco Grove Resort.

Larena Triad Coffee Shop– probably the coffee shop and restaurant in the highest hill of Siquijor. It boasts the awesome sea view.

best places to visit in siquijor
The viewing deck at Larena Triad Coffee Shop.

Capilay Hot Spring– located in the town of San Juan, this natural hot spring is at the very heart of the town park. 

The Capilay Hot Spring.

best places to visit in siquijor
The road you’ll take in Siquijor.

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Aside from the above places, feast your eyes with the landscape full of trees while on the road. Hopefully the island’s natural resources will be preserved. Also, don’t forget to visit the souvenir shops in Siquijor Town.

siquijor philippines
One of the souvenirs sold in the town.

Below is the amount we have spent per person (group of 5) for the day tour in Siquijor:

You can still lessen the cost depending on what mode of transportation to use, what to eat and what souvenir to buy. Really depends on how you spend the day. 

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