Food Guide: Must Try Food and Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

Hongkong is one of the top destinations in Asia and a hub for food fanatics. Being a former British colony, it has a diverse gastronomic offerings that range the experiences from street food to fine dining. 

In exploring the flavours and best food of Hongkong, one should start in trying the authentic local flavours. Best place to be is in the Old Town Central, the epicenter of history and culture of the city. Here, you will find some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong that serves must try dishes.

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Below are the must try food and best restaurants in Hong Kong:

Lin Hueng Tea House
Wellington St, Sheung Wan

  • On top of the list of the best restaurants in Hong Kong is one of the most popular among locals and packed with customers especially during early hours for breakfast. It is a very traditional that serves dim sum in pushed carts. To order, just call the staff pushing trolleys with all the dim sum and pick whichever you like. No worries, no need to speak in Chinese since you can just point what you want. Best to try their siomai, beancurd sheet roll, ha gao or hakaw and lotus seed buns. The restaurant is a haven for dim sum lovers. Indeed, its menu is full of best food in Hong Kong.

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Lan Fong Yuen
Gage St, Central

  • Second on the list of best restaurants in Hong Kong is famous for its milk tea, french toast, pork chop bun and chicken chop noodles. One of the most historic restaurants in Hongkong. It has its own flavour with their secret recipe. The simplicity of its menu makes it standout making it one of the few that serves best food in Hong Kong.
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Tai Cheong Bakery
Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

  • Another on the list of best restaurants in Hong Kong is one of the oldest bakeries famous for its jiggly egg tart. They also serve different types of bread. Locals flock here and even tourists. This jiggly egg tart has been featured in different platforms as one of the best food in Hong Kong you should never miss when you visit the city.

To take on more flavors, try the traditional pastries and cakes, some of the best food in Hongkong

Kee Tsui
Fa Yuen St, Mong Kok

  • A traditional family- run pastry shop, this another best restaurant in Hong Kong is popular for its Gai Jai Beng or chicken biscuit, perfect to nibble, a savoury of chewy bread, one of the best food in Hong Kong. Also try the lo por beng or the sweetheart cake. The items baked and sold in this store give the locals nostalgic feeling that brings back to their childhood. It is one of the few traditional bakeries left in in the city. 

Being originally part of China, it has its share of restaurants serving exotic dishes.


Ser Wong Fun
Cochrane St, Central

  • This another place in the list of best restaurants in Hong Kong is best place to different soups. Try the melon soup. Taste is very earthy with slight funky smell. Also try the pork lungs soup, a bit sweet selection. The restaurant is popular for its snake soup, popular since the Han dynasty and being served during the cold season. It is believed to have medicinal effects. 

Hongkong has a rich history when it comes to its street food scene. 

Sing Kee
Stanley St, Central

  • The last but not the least best restaurant in Hong Kong specialises in seafoods, try its Lobster in ginger and spring onion, razor clams, steamed shrimps and salted fish fried rice. 

Indeed, the city is a perfect place for food trip, best restaurants in Hongkong hopping and quest for best food in Hong Kong.

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