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We have curated travel guides that highlight how to process travel visa, travel on a budget, the best things to do in different places and how to maximize exploring the world’s best destinations.  These travel guides will give you all the information you need for your trip so you can travel better, longer, and cheaper. 

This page aims to guide and help travelers plan the perfect travel adventures.

Travel Guide: How to Apply for a South Korea Tourist Visa

South Korea is one of the favorite travel destinations in Asia. No wonder, because the country is home to rich history and unique culture. It also boasts stunning landscapes, great shopping districts and a haven for food lovers.  Visiting foreign nationals entering South Korea are required to secure a visa from Korean Embassies and Consular…

Travel Guide: How to Apply Thailand Tourist Visa

Thailand is one of the most visited countries not just in Southeast Asia, but in the world. Just like most countries, in order to enter its borders as a tourist, a valid document is required.  Currently, citizens or passport holders of 64 countries enjoy Visa free to enter Thailand. Upon arrival at an international airport…

Day Tour on a Budget in Siquijor, Philippines

Many years ago, Siquijor or Isla de Fuego, is one of the least traveled islands in the Philippines because of the reputation of being mystical, that the people practice magic and sorcery. But through the years, tourism has grown because of its natural beauty.  Book your accommodation at a very reasonable price! Cheap Hotel Deals…

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