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The most challenging part of traveling is planning the itineraries. It entails a lot of research, reading and decision making. Figuring out where to go, how much time to a lot going to and exploring places, how to get there, the travel budget and other details is time consuming.

To help travelers and adventure seekers, we have summarized the itineraries we have followed during our time exploring different countries, cities and tourist attractions. Each post is full of travel guides and travel tips!

Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Tour 7-Day Itinerary

If you are a travel enthusiast and planning to embark into multiple-countries-adventure, the Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Tour or Indochina Tricity is a great start for you. For seasoned travelers, they say it is the best training for first timers- combination of air and land cross- border experience.  Here’s the 7- day itinerary that we have… Continue Reading →

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