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Our mission is to provide travel guides for your dream destinations. We want to help you plan wonderful trips, top things to do in different travel locations, the best places to visit, foods to try and more. 

This site is dedicated to all travelers and adventure seekers from all walks of life.

The Banaue Rice Terraces Best Places to Visit in the Philippines

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Choose your next destination through our travel guides. Get lost in new places, discover new things in unknown and untold lands, smile with new friends, and pose for pictures in breathtaking sceneries and be amazed with wonders of this world.

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We want you NOT to commit the same mistakes we had during our early traveling days- waste time, get scammed, and end up spending way more than you should. 

Our mission is to inspire and guide travelers in their quest for memorable experiences.

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Our Favorite Travel Destinations

The world is full of amazing wonders. We travel to explore the world, to learn, to be inspired, and to be exposed to different cultures that make humankind so peculiar and fascinating. We travel to appreciate how beautiful the world is, how interesting nature can be, and how fulfilling to see life’s wonder. Traveling motivates us to continuously want to be the best version of ourselves.

As we set foot in different travel locations and fly high in new horizons, it is no surprise that we have our favorite destinations. We have curated travel guides, travel tips and easy to follow itineraries in our very own favorite travel destinations.
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Satisfy Your Cravings

Whether you are a foodie or just curious to taste the unique culinary identities of different places, we have a list of top foods you should try in top destinations you visit. When we visit different cities and countries, we make a point to indulge ourselves with their local cuisines.

We believe that in order to immerse with ones culture, we have to taste their food, from the special ones to the least favored. We love to try the delicacies served in the streets where locals flock. Each blog posts about foods to try in each country or city is well curated based on our own experiences and likings.

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